Knowledgeable, Generous, and Excellent Service!


Rocky and Veronica were employed by me to work with my daughter and son-in-law to locate and purchase a suitable house in the Loveland area. Because our kids had to vacate their rental on short notice, it was important to quickly locate and offer a successful bid on a house. Rocky and Veronica worked tirelessly and identified a house and worked well with me long distance to put forth an offer. Rocky`s knowledge of the market really was evident because his guidance on my offer resulted in our success over 9 other offers. The sellers and their agent did not practice common etiquette which resulted in the purchase of a dirty house. Rocky and Veronica rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Rocky helped to move the household goods from storage into the house and Veronica helped to clean the house. Their generosity and good will did not end there. My wife and I accepted an invitation to spend a night in Rocky`s house and they welcomed my dog into their kennel while we worked on our purchase. Rocky donated dirt (and loaded it onto my trailer) for me to use to fill in around the house foundation. He also replaced several rotten and broken boards in my trailer at no cost. It goes without saying that Rocky and Veronica went way, way beyond their obligations to me as my real estate agents. During these several days, we became good friends and we expect to stay in contact with them. My wife and I cannot thank Rocky and Veronica enough for their sense of responsibility, hospitality, and hard work in making us feel comfortable in what could have been a very ugly situation.