Paul Marrick

About Paul Marrick

I am a retired police officer. I was first licensed in 1992 as a Real Estate agent. I had purchased three properties with Mary Ellen Humpal at which point I said, “If I’m going to continue to purchase properties, I might as will become an agent and work with her and her husband Pat”. So, that’s exactly what I did.

My wife Stephanie and I sincerely believe that Fort Collins is the best place in the country to raise a family. We have a beautiful son and daughter, family is everything. Helping others find a home is a family tradition. My mother was a multi-million dollar salesperson when the average sale price of a home was $21,000. She did not advertise at all. Her business was solely derived from word-of-mouth. She had a simple work ethic that guided her success – first determine who you’re working for and then get to work.

When I’m not helping others selling or purchasing properties I enjoy
spending time with my family. I also do standup comedy and have authored a few books on the lighter side of law enforcement.

But seriously folks, “Protect and to serve”, are not just words painted on the side of a patrol car, when we work together that’s exactly what I’ll do.